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Unveil Norse Adventure: Dive into Comfort with Valknut Swim Trunks

Gear up for the hottest summer days with our Valknut Swim Trunks, designed to be your ultimate companion with quick-drying technology, breathability, and smart features for all your needs.

Valknut in Norse Lore

In Norse mythology, the Valknut, also known as the “knot of the slain,” is a powerful symbol associated with the god Odin. Representing the interconnectedness of life, death, and destiny, it embodies the spirit of resilience and courage.

Sustainable Composition

Crafted from 91% recycled polyester and 9% spandex, our swim trunks echo a commitment to both comfort and environmental responsibility.

Feather-Light Fabric

Weighing just 5.13 oz/yd² (174 g/m²), the four-way stretch water-repellent microfiber fabric ensures agility without compromising on durability.

Anti-Chafe Comfort

Embrace long days at the beach with the silky, anti-chafe inner liner, ensuring irritation-free adventures under the sun.

Smart Design

Featuring an elastic waistband with a drawcord, mesh pockets, and a small inside pocket for valuables, these trunks blend practicality with style.

Sun-Safe Sophistication

With UPF 50+, our swim trunks provide a shield against the sun’s rays, letting you bask in the glory of summer without worry.

Unleash Your Summer

Effortlessly transition from the water to the shore in Valknut Swim Trunks, where style meets functionality.

Waist, in 28 3/8 29 7/8 31 1/2 33 1/8 36 1/4 39 3/8 42 1/2 45 5/8 48 7/8 52 55 1/8
Hips, in 35 3/8 37 38 5/8 40 1/8 43 1/4 46 1/2 49 5/8 52 3/4 55 7/8 59 62 1/4

❗ Made to order. Please allow 1-7 business days for it to be manufactured before it ships

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Design Color

Black, White


91% recycled polyester, 9% spandex


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