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Guidance in Every Stroke

Enter the world of Norse mysticism with our Vegvisir Spiral Notebook, featuring a front cover print inspired by the Vegvisir, an ancient Norse symbol renowned for its protective qualities. Let your creativity be guided by its intricate design.

Luxurious 90gsm Paper

Feel the indulgence of every word on our premium 90gsm paper. With 118 ruled line pages (59 sheets), this notebook offers a haven for your thoughts and sketches, ensuring a delightful writing experience.

Vegvisir: The Norse Compass of Protection

In Norse mythology, the Vegvisir, also known as the “Viking Compass” or “Norse Compass,” is believed to provide guidance and protection to the bearer, helping them find their way in stormy weather. Let it be your creative compass.

Elegance in Dark Grey

The dark grey back cover complements the Norse aesthetic, creating a harmonious balance with the Vegvisir design. This notebook isn’t just a canvas; it’s an emblem of protection that resonates with your creative spirit.

Organize Your Creative Expedition

Navigate your creative journey seamlessly with the document pocket on the inside back cover. Tuck away loose papers and notes, ensuring your ideas are organized and ready to inspire your next creative endeavor.

Sturdy Metal Spiral Binding

The robust metal spiral binding ensures durability, mirroring the steadfast protection associated with the Vegvisir. Flip through the pages effortlessly and let the symbol guide your creative exploration.

Embark on a journey guided by the protective spirit of the Vegvisir with our Spiral Notebook – where each stroke tells a tale of ancient wisdom and artistic discovery.

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