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Enchanting Front Cover Fusion

Embark on a journey where Norse mysticism meets Celtic elegance in our Celtic Vegvisir Spiral Notebook. The front cover print beautifully blends the protective Vegvisir symbol with intricate Celtic knots, creating a visual tapestry of inspiration.

Luxurious 90gsm Paper Canvas

Feel the tactile pleasure of creativity unfolding on our premium 90gsm paper. With 118 ruled line pages (59 sheets), this notebook provides a rich canvas for your thoughts and artistic expressions.

Vegvisir: A Tapestry of Protection

The Vegvisir, a symbol of Norse origin, is renowned for guiding and protecting the bearer. Paired with Celtic knots that symbolize interconnectedness and eternal life, this notebook becomes a sanctuary for your creative odyssey.

Elegance in Dark Grey

The dark grey back cover adds an element of sophistication, harmonizing seamlessly with the Celtic and Norse motifs. This notebook is not just a tool; it’s a visual testament to the balance of protection and artistic expression.

Organize Your Creative Symphony

Navigate your creative symphony effortlessly with the document pocket on the inside back cover. Tuck away loose papers and notes, ensuring that your creative ideas remain in perfect harmony.

Sturdy Metal Spiral Binding

The robust metal spiral binding ensures durability, mirroring the steadfast protection associated with the Vegvisir. Flip through the pages effortlessly, and let the Celtic Vegvisir guide your creative exploration.

Immerse yourself in the fusion of Norse and Celtic traditions with the Celtic Vegvisir Spiral Notebook – where every stroke creates a harmony of protection, inspiration, and artistic expression.

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