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Unveil Runic Secrets

Introducing the Runic Vegvisir Journal, a tribute to the ancient Norse tradition of runic symbols. Runes, steeped in mysticism, serve as a conduit for hidden wisdom.

Visual Poetry in Print

Adorned with a full wraparound print, this journal brings the artistry of runes to life. The semi-gloss laminated cover not only captivates the eye but also protects your written odyssey.

Pages Infused with Runic Magic

Within the 128 ruled line single pages, crafted from 90gsm paper, your words find resonance. This journal, bound with precision using casewrap binding, ensures durability for your creative endeavors.

Guided by the Vegvisir

The Vegvisir, a runic compass, guides Norse adventurers through stormy seas. Its inclusion in this journal symbolizes a guide for your thoughts, ensuring clarity and direction.

A Tapestry of Symbolism

Each rune within the Vegvisir holds unique significance, contributing to the rich tapestry of Norse mythology. As you write, let these symbols weave into your narrative, enriching your creative voyage.

Weave Your Runic Tale

Seize the Runic Vegvisir Journal and let the power of runes infuse your writing. Order now and embark on a journey guided by ancient symbols and mystic compasses.

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Height, in 7.24

❗ Made to order: Please allow 1-7 business days for it to be manufactured before it ships.

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