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Unleash Magic: Charge in Style with Heart Shaped Dragon Wireless Charger

Step into the future of charging with our Heart Shaped Dragon Wireless Charger, where the enchantment of dragons meets cutting-edge technology.

The Mystical Essence of Dragons

Dragons, legendary creatures of myth and fantasy, embody a timeless allure. Symbolizing wisdom and strength, dragons bring an element of magic to the ordinary.

Cool Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is inherently cool, but our personalized wireless charger adds an extra layer of magic to your charging routine.

Personalized Marvel

Discover the allure of a 10W personalized wireless phone charger compatible with the latest iPhone and Android models that support wireless charging.

High-Fidelity Prints

Each charger is a canvas for high-fidelity sublimation prints, allowing you to personalize it with your unique style.

Premium Build

Crafted with an aluminium casing and acrylic faceplate, this wireless charger seamlessly blends durability with a touch of elegance.

Compact Marvel

With dimensions of 3.93″ (10 cm) in diameter and 0.3″ (0.8 cm) tall, the black base color adds a stylish touch to any space.

Ready for Action

Ships with a micro USB cable, ensuring you’re ready to experience the magic of touch-free charging.

Charge in Style

Elevate your charging experience with the Heart Shaped Dragon Wireless Charger. Order now to seamlessly blend the mystical with the modern in your daily routine.

One size
Diameter, in 3.94
Thickness, in 0.31

❗ Made to order: Please allow 1-7 business days for it to be manufactured before it ships.

Additional information

Weight N/A


Design Color

Brown, Red


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