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Ignite Your Space: Celtic Dragon Wireless Charger

Elevate your charging experience with the Celtic Dragon Wireless Charger, a masterpiece of aluminum and acrylic, seamlessly blending artistry and technology.

Majestic Symbolism: The Essence of Dragons

Behold the awe-inspiring symbolism of dragons, revered for their mystique and ancient wisdom. Let the dragon’s essence infuse your charging moments.

Dimensions of Elegance

Compact and elegant, this wireless charger boasts a diameter of 3.93″ (10 cm) and a height of 0.3″ (0.8 cm), ensuring universal compatibility with your device.

Sleek in Black: Base Color Aesthetics

The charger’s black base color not only adds a touch of sleek aesthetics to your space but also effortlessly integrates into any setting.

Connectivity at Its Best: Micro USB Cable Included

Every charger is accompanied by a micro USB cable, ensuring seamless connectivity for charging your devices with precision and efficiency.

Revolutionize Your Charge: Celtic Dragon Wireless Charger

Transform your charging routine with the Celtic Dragon Wireless Charger, a fusion of art and technology. Make every charge a moment of enchantment and elegance.

One size
Diameter, in 3.94
Thickness, in 0.31

❗ Made to order: Please allow 1-7 business days for it to be manufactured before it ships.

Image by [Hoika Mikhail / Shutterstock]

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One size

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