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Embrace the Mystic: Valknut Mouse Pad

Embark on a journey through the ages with our Valknut Mouse Pad. The one-sided print reveals the enigmatic symbol of the Valknut, a knot of woven triangles representing the interconnectedness of life, fate, and the cosmic forces.

Sleek and Substantial: 1/4″ Thickness

Designed for both form and function, our mouse pad boasts a sleek 1/4″ thickness. Immerse yourself in the symbolic depth of the Valknut while enjoying a smooth surface that enhances your mouse’s precision.

Craft Your Space: Available in Round and Rectangle Shapes

Tailor your workspace to your liking with our mouse pad, available in two distinctive shapes – round and rectangle. Express your individuality while embracing the profound symbolism woven into every corner.

Steadfast Support: Neoprene with Non-Slip Rubber Bottom

Engineered for durability, our mouse pad features premium neoprene material and a non-slip rubber bottom. Whether navigating virtual realms or tackling daily tasks, this pad ensures a stable and stylish foundation.

Embark on a Symbolic Odyssey: Valknut Mouse Pad

Transform your desk into a portal to ancient mysteries with our Valknut Mouse Pad. Dive into the symbolic depth of the Valknut, and let your workspace resonate with the mystic threads of fate.

Round Rectangle
Lenght, in 8.00 8.50
Width, in 8.00 9.00
Height, in 0.25 0.25


❗ Made to order: Please allow 1-7 business days for it to be manufactured before it ships.

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