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Unlock the Mysteries of the Past with Elder Futhark Runes Women’s Spandex Leggings – Where Style Meets Ancient Wisdom!

Material Fit for Legends

Our Elder Futhark Runes Women’s Spandex Leggings are crafted from a premium blend of 83% polyester and 17% spandex. This exceptional combination ensures not only durability and flexibility but also a soft, comfortable fit that complements your every move.

Designed for Style and Comfort

These leggings offer a skinny fit, perfect for highlighting your curves and making them suitable for various occasions. The double-layer waistband provides a secure and comfortable fit, and the sewn-in care label guarantees long-lasting quality.

Unravel the Mystery of Elder Futhark Runes

The Elder Futhark Runes are a set of ancient Germanic symbols, used for writing and divination by the early Germanic peoples. Wearing these leggings is not just a fashion statement; it’s a tribute to the wisdom and magic of the past.

Durable and Stretchy Fabric

Our leggings are more than a fashion statement; they are a testament to durability and flexibility. The fabric is built to withstand your active lifestyle, ensuring that you move with freedom and comfort.

Immerse Yourself in Ancient Wisdom

Wearing Elder Futhark Runes Women’s Spandex Leggings isn’t just about dressing your legs; it’s about embracing the ancient wisdom of runic symbols. Each step you take is a journey into the mystical world of the early Germanic peoples, a world rich in symbolism and style.

Experience the Magic of the Runes

Whether you’re heading to a historical event, a reenactment, or simply adding a touch of ancient wisdom to your day, these leggings are the perfect choice. They are a celebration of history, divination, and the power of symbols.

Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the world of Elder Futhark Runes. Order your Elder Futhark Runes Women’s Spandex Leggings today and step confidently into a world of style and ancient wisdom, making a fashion statement that’s rich in symbolism and comfort.

Celebrate the wisdom of the past with the blend of tradition and comfort in Elder Futhark Runes Women’s Spandex Leggings. These leggings are your gateway to ultimate style and the mysteries of the early Germanic peoples. Wear them with pride and step confidently into a world of history, divination, and style.

Waist width, in 12.36 12.87 13.46 14.06 14.84 15.59
Hip width, in 12.99 13.62 14.09 14.61 15.35 16.14
Waistband width, in 1.38 1.38 1.38 1.38 1.38 1.38
US size 4 6 8 10 12 14

❗Made to order: Please allow 1-7 business days for it to be manufactured before it ships.

Additional information

Weight N/A


Design Color

Black, White


88% polyester, 12% spandex

Care Instructions

Do not dryclean; Do not iron; Do not tumble dry; Do not bleach; Machine wash: cold (max 30C or 90F).


Ankle Length, Mid Rise


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