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Celtic Vegvisir Unisex All Over Print Tee: A Fusion of Two Timeless Symbols

The Vegvisir, often known as the Viking Compass, is a symbol deeply rooted in Norse mythology. It’s a guiding light, a compass to navigate life’s turbulent seas. Just as a Viking needed it to find his way home, you can use it as a guide through the journey of life.

Celtic Triquetra: The Endless Knot

The Celtic Triquetra is an intricate knot with no clear beginning or end. It symbolizes unity, eternity, and the interconnection of life’s forces. It’s a representation of the timeless bonds that unite us all.

Regular Fit: Where Comfort Meets Style

Our Celtic Vegvisir Unisex All Over Print Tee is designed with both comfort and style in mind. Its regular fit ensures that you look fashionable while feeling comfortable. Made from 100% Polyester microfiber knit fabric, it’s gentle on your skin.

Tagless for Your Comfort

The absence of a scratchy tag adds to your comfort. Say goodbye to irritating labels and hello to an uninterrupted wearing experience.

Sizing Made Simple

Our tee runs true to size, ensuring that you get a fit that’s just right. You can wear it with confidence, knowing it’s tailored to your dimensions. However, we do strongly suggest that you refer to the size chart.

Wear the Fusion of Ancient Wisdom

Our Celtic Vegvisir Unisex All Over Print Tee isn’t just clothing; it’s a fusion of ancient wisdom. It brings together the guidance of the Vegvisir and the unity represented by the Celtic Triquetra. When you wear it, you carry the heritage of two rich cultures, and you symbolize your journey through life’s adventures. It’s a testament to the enduring connection between past and present, a reminder that the symbols of old still guide us today.

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Sleeve length, in 8.46 8.74 9.06 9.37 9.65 9.96

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100% Polyester

1 review for Green Celtic Vegvisir Unisex All Over Print Tee

    April 9, 2023
    Comfortable, clear graphics, I like it!

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